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Four dudes with great style

By Martin Onufrowicz

In his book ‘How to be a man’, Glenn O’Brien, known for being GQ’s original Style Guru and

probably one of the biggest dandies of the 20th century, explained the phenomenon of style

best: ‘Style is something so deep in our manner that we may not notice it in ourselves. It’s

deeper than our memory. It cuts to the bone but it floats near the ceiling. It’s metaphysical.

But everyone who knows you remembers it. It’s our visual and behavioral signature.’

As the notion of interest in the way one dresses being an ‘unmanly’ trait has been rightfully

portrayed as an outdated and ignorant stereotype, more and more of us have been

comfortable with experimenting with our own sense of style and have been often looking

for inspiration in famous guys we either see on the pages of magazines or follow on social

media. Here are four well-known gentlemen, who in the world of celebrity, frequently

associated with hired stylists and paid sponsorships, have managed to stay uniquely


LeBron James

With a towering frame of 6’9”, James is a walking proof that size is not an obstacle when it

comes to dressing well. The king of the basketball court is a fan of a muted color palette and

oozes confidence whether he’s wearing a casual hoodie paired with trousers and trendy

sneakers, or an impeccably tailored signature grey suit by Thom Browne, accessorized with

an extravagant croc bag (what a statement!).

Tyler The Creator

Tyler The Creator is known for his irreverence, just Google his acceptance speech from this

year’s Grammys, in which he bravely stood up against the tokenization of his music. This

attitude works seamlessly with his approach to dressing: Tyler is not afraid to experiment

with bright and pastel colors or even dye his head in leopard print for the red carpet if he

feels like it. His other signature is a brilliant sense of humor, which also comes out in his

fashion choices – no one wears grandpa-core sweaters and chino shorts with a bucket hat

and high socks quite like he does.

Jacob Elordi

Jacob Elordi came to prominence through his portrayal of Nate, an aggressive alpha male,

on last year’s controversial HBO show on everyone’s lips, ‘Euphoria’. In real life, Elordi is

definitely more low-key and chill dude and it shows in his go-to looks, which are usually

heavy with vintage Americana influences: on the red carpet, Elordi often chooses sharp suits

with 1970s-inspired tailoring and off-duty, he is rarely seen without a worn-out baseball cap

or graphic tee. Also, during this lockdown, he single-handedly made me consider getting a

mullet, which are not words that I would ever expect to leave my mouth.

Jonah Hill

Hear me out. I know that Jonah Hill is mostly associated with a sloppy look that became his

signature in all the classic “stoner” films, but lately, his style choices have been on point! In

the daytime, Hill is seen on the streets of New York in get-ups that mix skater brands like

Supreme and Palace with classic workwear pieces. When it comes to red carpet events, he

likes to dress up and go all out, often wearing cropped suits in deep hues, bowling collar

shirts, and equally elegant loafers. ‘Superbad’ no more!

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