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Community is more than a feeling or a family.
Community is the sum of the cogs that make up a wheel. When one person helps another, and they in turn do the same, a community is built.


Bourbon & Bouquets is committed to building true community. Arkadelphia, Arkansas, is the small town from which our founder, Abigail Fowler, hails, and she knew when she began her business journey that she wanted to give back to the community that raised her. We are basing our operations in Arkadelphia, using local vendors to enhance and bring jobs to a town so that the sense of community instilled in Abigail can continue in perpetuity through the work she leaves behind.


In addition, Bourbon & Bouquets wants to see that same sense of community expressed to our planet. We commit to using eco-friendly materials so that the world and the good we do in it can be around for generation after generation to enjoy.


It is our belief that together, we can use our style to make the cycle of humanity just a little bit better.

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