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How we conduct business is how we show who we are.

We choose to provide an employment opportunity that can enrich lives.


Our wages will be fair and competitive. Our products will never come from a sweatshop child labor, or unpaid labor. We are working with ethical certification organizations to ensure the companies we partner with are consistently screened for these things. If we decide to partner with anyone internationally, we will visit them and see their facilities as long as travel restrictions allow.


We will provide a clean, healthy workplace— not just on the front-end, but in all aspects of the space we utilize. We will be eco-friendly, choosing to use equipment and practices that leave as little of a carbon footprint on our Earth as we can afford. We embrace diversity, our staff consists of people who represent our world and our community, no matter their race, gender, orientation, religion or creed. We will work with those we employee to constantly strive to create a better, more productive, more communicative environment.


Through ethical practices, Bourbon & Bouquets will step into the future and strive to represent the best of humanity.


If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us and we’d be happy to continue the conversation.

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