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A New Kind of Masculine

During the quarantine of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Abigail Fowler, a New Yorker and former marketing & creative director for QG Floral, found herself back in her hometown of Arkadelphia, Arkansas with a bit more free-time on her hands than she anticipated.


She had a goal for the 5 years prior to the pandemic to eventually start a menswear shop in Arkadelphia, but didn’t know when the opportune moment would arrive.

After praying for guidance on next steps, she realized that her past few years in NYC have prepared her with the knowledge and contacts to make her dream a reality. At the age of 26

and during a time when the economy was questionable, she set to work.


Her goal is simple: make an inclusive menswear company that is eco-friendly, ethical, and helps out her hometown.

Abigail has a unique perspective being a woman in a mens-shop world.  She has no biases for how guys should dress, which gives her the special opportunity to form research groups and studies to make sure that every decision made for Bourbon & Bouquets benefits the customers and not what she would like to wear. Choosing to not apply for any bank loans or seek investors to keep the company away from biases, she has worked as a freelance designer and photographer to pay the bills for the company before crowd funding. The hard work has paid off and the whole team is excited to launch crowdfunding initiatives in September 2020.​​
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IMG_8853 copy-2.jpg
Abigail Fowler
Founder & Creative Director

An Arkansas native, Abigail moved to New York City four years ago and quickly found herself a top stylist in the menswear department at J. Crew. She is also the former creative and marketing director for QG Floral. An alumnus of Ouachita Baptist University, she attended Arkansas Fashion School, owned by celebrated designer Jamelieh Kamran. Admittedly a workaholic, she is always ready for a new challenge.


Favorite Drink: Laphroaig 10 Scotch

Favorite Flower: Ranunculus

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 8.32.10 PM.png
Lindy Leiser
Lindy started as a farm girl in California, which prepared her uniquely for the hard work required in the fashion field. Between New York and Los Angeles, Lindy has learned what people need in clothing, and her experience has led her from Bonobos to Tory Burch to Yves Saint Laurent to Reem Acra to J. Crew.  Lindy is currently working on her own footwear label: Lindy Fox.

Favorite Drink: Margarita

Favorite Flower: Zinnias

Josh Robbins
Logistics Director

Josh is a true renaissance man, having worked all facets of retail and restaurants on his way to becoming a bartender. Before he mixed drinks, Josh was an operations specialist at Banana Republic while attending the University of Arkansas. Currently he's pursuing studies in music education at Henderson State University.  Always on the go, you’ll typically find him with his headphones plugged in blasting music.


Favorite Drink: Greenhouse Gin, Neat

Favorite Flower: Honeysuckle

Saray Gonzales.jpg
Saray Gonzales
Vintage Stylist

Saray started on the West Coast, but her family moved to bustling New York City over two decades ago to work in the garment industry, so she comes by her love of fashion honestly. Her mother, an excellent seamstress, has helped her gain a keen eye for quality and timeless style. Saray is also plugged into the public health sector, working with NYC to safely re-open in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Favorite Drink: Mojito

Favorite Flower: Bugambilia/Bougainvillea

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